The elder law practice at the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox focuses on areas of law that are particularly important to the aging population, including Medicaid planning, asset protection and estate planning.  Through dedicated legal advice and representation, our skilled elder law attorneys approach these matters with decorum and a desire to assist in any way possible during your later years.

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is at the cornerstone of many elder care plans.  It can be a true lifesaver that allows your loved one to receive institutionalized or at-home care.  Our skilled elder care lawyers can assist you with the Medicaid application process and can help you gather the information you need to expedite your application.

Our legal advocates can also help identify applicable allowances and apply our knowledge of spousal protections to ensure that the spouse remaining in the home still has the access to resources he or she needs while the nursing home resident still receives quality care.  We can use our vast knowledge of Medicaid spousal protection provisions to prevent spousal impoverishment and to shelter as much of your assets as possible from nursing home costs for the benefit of the spouse at home.  We can discuss your potential options with you during a confidential consultation.  We can also discuss other options, such as spending down some of your assets or making permissible transfers.

Our seasoned lawyers can also assist with Medicaid appeals if your application was rejected.  Rejections may occur for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Failing to provide requested information
  • Transferring resources for below fair market value
  • Having too many resources
  • Filing your application late

We can carefully evaluate your case and provide recommendations based on your particular circumstances.

Our Elder Care Services

Our goal at the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox is to help you enjoy your golden years.  We provide a number of services that allow you to protect your assets from exorbitant nursing home costs, including:

  • Identify strategies to help your loved one receive the care they need
  • Discuss options for living arrangements for your loved one that meet their needs
  • Manage exceptions to the five-year look-back period or Medicaid transfer penalties
  • Devise a plan to protect your assets and qualify your loved one for Medicaid
  • Protect the assets of a spouse still living in the home
  • Take steps to prevent the home from being subject to Medicaid estate recovery

By taking proactive steps before you or your spouse need long-term care and working with an experienced elder law attorney at the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox, you can give your family the gift of peace of mind and security.

Contact a Knowledgeable Elder Law Lawyer for Help

The dedicated elder law team at the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox can help you and your family devises a plan that is customized to your particular needs and objectives.  To learn more about our elder law practice, call us at 724-567-6728 or contact us online. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your options.

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