End-of-life planning is an emotionally-charged issue, which helps to explain why half of Americans do not have a legal will or trust in place.  However, failing to plan will simply mean that your family will bear the burden and your estate will be more likely to owe more in taxes and administrative fees than it would have had you planned how you wanted your assets distributed after your death.  Additionally, not having a will does not mean that there is not a plan in place in how your property will be divided; it is just that the state’s default laws will apply, which often results in unintended consequences and arrangements you never would have approved of.  By preparing a carefully crafted will or trust, you retain control over how your property is treated after your passing.  Let the knowledgeable wills, trusts and probate lawyers at the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox guide you during this process.  

A Will Protects Your Family

Crafting a will that is customized to your particular situation can help you protect your family.  A simple or complex estate plan targeted to your needs can help ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes.  This important document controls the transfer of your probate assets after your passing to the beneficiaries you name.  Our seasoned estate planning lawyers can also help guide you toward how to make non-probate transfers to minimize the overall inheritance tax that is due at the time of your passing.  

Create a Trust to Carefully Manage Your Property

A trust is a powerful legal document that provides details about how your property is managed.  You can manage your property during your lifetime and then designate another trusted individual to manage the assets in your trust after your passing.  This allows you to make strategic disbursements to your beneficiaries so that your funds and assets are used in the ways that you want.  

Have Much Needed Help During the Probate Process

Administering an estate during the probate process can be time-consuming and cumbersome.  It involves the preparation and filing of many legal documents within specific deadlines.  The wills, trusts and probate lawyers at the Law Office of Charles F. Fox can take this burden from you and provide you with effective legal representation.  

Our seasoned lawyers can take care of the following tasks during your Pennsylvania probate case:

  • Admit the will to probate
  • Appoint the personal representative of the estate
  • Prepare an inventory
  • Provide notice to all required parties
  • Make debt announcements
  • Monitor receipts and disbursements of the estate
  • Prepare state and federal tax returns
  • Negotiate family settlement agreements
  • File court accountings

Contact an Experienced Pennsylvania Wills, Trusts and Probate Lawyer for Assistance

If you need assistance with estate planning or you have recently lost a loved one and are looking for guidance through the probate process, we can help.  Call the Law Offices of Charles F. Fox today at 724-567-6728 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation with a seasoned estate planning lawyer.

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